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More than just a crypto

AurouzCoin - a utility gold token* backed by minimum 22% of physical gold.
AurouzGold - a stable coin* backed by 100% of physical gold.
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​​We offer a fully regulated*, transparent, secure, scalable, and independently operated institutional grades spot digital asset exchange, which will leverage multiple layers of security including a cutting edge “MPC” wallet technology ensuring the highest customer protection with high frequency trading.​​


The Gold Standard​

We envision a near future where we are able to actualize a New Standard for Gold. We envision a future where we have successfully architected and fortified a bridge which spans the gap and unites the disparate worlds of physical gold and digital assets, where physical and digital truly collide.​

Low fee

AUC and AUG coin permit to make gold investment more affordable for our clients.


AUC and AUG tokens smart contract are fully audited by third party.


Both AUC and AUG tokens will be guaranteed for their value in physical gold.


AUC and AUG tokens are tradable on Unisawp as well as on our exchange for an advantageous fee.


AUC and AUG tokens are back by gold. Our safe will be audited to assure a maximum of safety.

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