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Who we are

Aurouz is owned by the major shareholder of Redford Group, which has more than 11 years of successful operations and diversification in the global gold trade and gold delivery business. Redford Group has extensive background and experiences with physical gold trading and delivery. Its subsidiary is the sole participation dealer with physical gold delivery capability for the Value Gold ETF of Value Partners Group. The Senior Management Team from the Redford Group of Companies are both investors as well as Board Members for Aurouz Group.

We foresaw that Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and NFT could be used to digitise gold in a tokenised form, and we want to be one of the first regulated digital assets exchanges in the market offering a token a redeemable for physical gold.

Andy Tsang
Director | Co-Founder​

  • Co-Founder and Group Chairman of Redford Group.​
  • ​Extensive experience in business investments, commodities trading, mining, sim-racing e-sports and electric cars project globally.
  • ​Rich experience in both financial business and physical precious metal business.
  • 30 years of experience in property developments.

Sylvia Kwok
CEO | Co-Founder

  • Great experience in start-up operations and fund raising with excellent network​
  • Over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing & PR, and business management in varies industries including but not limited to financial services.
  • Strong, innovative and forward-thinking business mindset

Aaron Chung

  • Comprehensive experienced software engineer with strong coding skills
  • ​Worked for IBM as the Lead of Tech in Blockchain both in Singapore and HK ​
  • Worked for State-backed Blockchain Red Date Technology company​
  • Expert in system architecture to create new solutions with blockchain and Hyperledger​
  • Great in Machine Learning/AI and economics skills to predict market trends.​
  • Experienced in building crypto arbitrate system.
  • Decade of experience software engineer working with government, financial services industry.​
  • Excel in Blockchain and the wider Crypto ecosystem.​
  • Worked for Anz Bank (Alibaba) and another exchange platform and more experimental DeFi protocols before joining us.
  • ​He is also an expert in Smart Contract, NFT products and the Metaverse.

Luke Watson
Head of Blockchain | NFT